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AGRI-TRANS: Transparency in agricultural vocational training

A project of the IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt (IG BAU) in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci: transfer of innovation

In recent years the EU has intensified its efforts to develop a common European education frame that allows all citizens a high mobility. Therefore, improving the transparency of national education systems and vocational qualifications is seen as an essential condition.

The social partners, employers' and workers' organizations, are required to participate in this process of the further development of vocational education and training. In developing the Europass, the EU has meanwhile presented an important instrument to facilitate across-border employment.

In agriculture, however, many employees are working with a variety of skills which they acquired informally without being able to provide proof of diplomas or certificates. Hence, the European social partners in the sector, EFFAT and GEOPA, decided in a mutual dialogue to develop the "CV Agripass", a simplified form of the Europass, and a "Register of agricultural jobs".

In a two-year dialogue process and under the auspices of the Industriegewerkschaft Bauen Agrar Umwelt (IG BAU), trade unionists from eight countries have dealt (as partners) with the current and future situation of vocational training in Europe, tested the two instruments in practice at the example of animal farming (pig farming), and developed recommendations for a sustainable vocational education and training in agriculture.

This project has been financially supported by the European Commission. Responsibility for the contents of this publication lies solely with the author; the Commission is not liable for the further use of the information contained herein.